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The KidCo Hearth Gate Video Review

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, my recomendation is that you watch the video below. If you need more information about the KidCo Hearth Gate, then you can read the whole review after the short video.

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KidCo Hearth Gate Consumer Reviews

The KidCo Hearth Gate protects kids from any sharp corners, hazards like fire & heat, from rough and pointed surfaces, as well as any dangerous implements. You can now build a gate system (one on your own!) with sections which adjust to almost any angle. KidCo Hearth Gate set fits a hearth that is 6 feet in width and about 2 feet in depth…it comes with 5 twenty-four inch sections and it includes one gate that is a walk-through. This walk-through gate’s about 29.25 inches in height.

KidCo Hearth Gate

KidCo Hearth Gate

KidCo Hearth Gate: Product Features
•    The assembling is really simple and easy
•    It helps you protect your children as well as your pets

KidCo Hearth Gate: Product Specifications
•    The Model number is kidco
•    The Material Type is Metal

KidCo Hearth Gate: Product Details
•    The weight of the Item is 31 pounds
•    The Shipping Weight is 31 pounds

The Hearthgate- bbq grill, fireplace & hearth black 72 x 24 x 29.5 gives you protection from fire & heat from a fireplace, a wood burning stove as well as a barbecue. It also provides protection from dangers like rough, hard surfaces, sharp corners of hearths.

KidCo Hearth Gate: Features
This product includes:
•    There are 5 interlocking twenty-four sections that can be set & angled in straight lines just the way you need them, plus it can be wall mounted for better safety.
•    The base set can fit a 6 hearth
•    The basic gate can fit an opening 45 – 59.
•    The g70-8 – 8 & g70-24 – 24 models come with an optional extension

The models with the extra panel are recommended for people who wish to keep their toddlers safe and away from fireplaces and woodstoves. There have been instances where people have used this fence to keep pets and little kids away from the Christmas tree & presents during Christmas time!!! As you can see, the product is very versatile…the fence is rigid, has sturdy hinged sections and can close off a large area easily. The best part about KidCo Hearth Gate is that it is very attractive and designed in such a way that it looks beautiful even when it’s put up in a living room! The darker color fence looks great when put around a fireplace!
By & large, KidCo Hearth Gate’s an excellent choice when you are looking for protecting kids & pets. the workmanship quality is something that will really impress you, it is a beautiful looking fence, the gate doors swing easily and work well, installation is simple- something you can do yourself! Click below to check:

KidCo Hearth Gate Product Specifications



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